Compositions Preview

01 Rotate Spin Transition

02 Suck Spin Transition

03 Swish Pan Transition

04 Bad Film Gate Transition

05 Sliced Dream Transition

06 Super Hero Transition

07 Glitch Transition

08 Glitch Transition

09 Glitch Roll Transition

10 Glitch Digital Reception Transition

11 Glitch Transition

12 Glitch Bad Reception

13 Glitch Chatter

14 Glitch Random Frame

15 Mouse Click X Circle

16 Mouse Pull Down From Top

17 Mouse Pull Up From Bottom

18 Mouse Pull From Left

19 Mouse Pull From Right

20 Sliced Transition Down

21 Sliced Transition Left

22 Sliced Transition Right

23 Sliced Transition Up

24 Multi Box Fill Wipe Down

25 Multi Box Fill Wipe Up

26 Simple Blocks Wipe Out

27 Three Shade Circle Wipe


29 Three Shade Diagonal

30 Diagonal Slice Left Alpha Invert Matte

31 Diagonal Slice Right

32 Hex Wipe Linear

33 Hex Wipe Middle Out

34 Down MIddle Split Transition

35 Up MIddle Split Transition

36 Middle Right Diagonal MIddle Split Transition

37 Middle Left Diagonal MIddle Split Transition

38 Double Wipe Sliced Divide On and Off with Right Left Diagonal

39 Sliced Up Wipe On and Off with Left Diagonal

40 Organic Fire Center Grow Wipe

41 Organic Fire Linear Wipe

42 Oranic Brush Paint Linear Wipe

43 Paper Tear Wipe

44 Wedge Square Wipe Center

45 Wedge Wipe Left

46 Wedge Wipe Right

47 Three Color Wipe Down Adjust Color

48 Three Color Wipe Left Adjust Color

49 Three Color Wipe Right Adjust Color

50 Three Color Wipe Up